European Union


implements a project co-financed by European Funds "Expansion of Grason machines and devices, producing mainly products dedicated to the cosmetics industry in the form of Germany and Italy"

Project description:

Grason Maciej Grabiński, after a thorough analysis of selected markets, decided to expand into new foreign markets, i.e. the German and Italian markets. The main products covered by the internationalization will be mixers, mixers, melters and tanks used for the production of cosmetics, as well as chemical, pharmaceutical and food products.

In order to consciously and prudently enter selected foreign markets, the Company will take the following steps: 

1. Will purchase an advisory service related mainly to the provision of marketing services, which will help promote the brand on selected markets. The above-mentioned service will consist of two groups of services:

a) related to the preparation of an expansion program to foreign markets, the entry strategy and their market analysis, and the development of a new business model,

b) marketing related to preparing for new markets and promoting products on new target markets.

2. Will purchase a fixed asset in the form of a homogenizer for the production of a test homogenizing mixer.

3. Conducts an economic mission, connected with participation in the largest Italian fair COSMOPROF, which brings together manufacturers from the health and beauty industry.

4. Will carry out an economic mission to Frankfurt am Main due to the location of the Polish Foreign Trade Office and the Industry Association - body care products and detergents.

The duration of the project was set for: 01/01/2021 - 31/12/2022.

Measurable project outcomes:

The aim of the project is the internationalization of activities on new foreign markets in the form of Germany and Italy.

Planned effects:

1. Acquiring new foreign markets in the form of Germany and Italy.

2. Increasing sales revenues by at least 30% within 18 months of project completion.

3. Development of activity thanks to the experience acquired through economic cooperation of an international character.

4. Obtaining an increase in income, which in turn will allow for new investments in infrastructure and further development of the production potential.

5. Establishing new international contacts, which will allow for further foreign expansion into new markets.

Project value: PLN 618,591.60
Contribution of the European Fund: PLN 427,482.00