To provide our customers with the highest comfort of use, all Grason products are covered by a manufacturer's warranty. The warranty also applies to non-standard devices, created according to the individual guidelines of our customers. We invite you to read the content of the warranty policy.


1.1 The General Warranty Terms (hereinafter GWT) are an integral part of the sales contract between Grason Ltd and the buyers of the devices it offers, provided that such contract do not stipulate otherwise. The terms used herein shall have the following meaning:
    - “Guarantor” – Grason Ltd – NIP [Tax ID No.] 7393998423, REGON [Business Registry No.] 528177416.; “Buyer” – counterparty purchasing products or services from the Guarantor. This GWT applies only to counterparties (entrepreneurs, Art. 43 ¹C.C.) not constituting consumers within the meaning of Art. 22 ¹ of the Civil Code.
    - “Parties” – Guarantor and Buyer.
    - “GWT” – these General Warranty Terms by Grason Ltd.
    - “Device” – devices and services constituting the subject matter of the Guarantor’s statutory business activity, and to this extent covered by a warranty within Poland.
1.2 Pursuant to this GWT, the Guarantor grants the Buyer a warranty for the Devices it sells and ensures their efficient operation, provided they are used in accordance with the intended purpose and operating conditions specified in the technical documentation supplied with the Device.
1.3 Direct warranty claims against the Guarantor may be submitted solely by Buyers, who purchased the product from the Guarantor.
1.4 Pursuant to Art. 558 §1 of the Civil Code, the statutory warranty for the device shall be excluded.


2.1 The warranty period shall be 24 months for structural elements manufactured by the Guarantor, counted from the date of commissioning the Device under a protocol signed by both parties to the transaction and an issued VAT invoice.
1.2. The warranty period shall be 12 months for commercial components such as mechanical, electronic and control elements, counted from the date of commissioning the Device under a protocol signed by both parties to the transaction and an issued VAT invoice.
2.3 Seals and wear-and-tear parts specified in the bid shall not be subject to the warranty.


3.1 The Guarantor hereby grants the Buyer a warranty for the efficient operation of the Device, provided that it is used in accordance with the intended purpose and under operating conditions specified in the technical documentation supplied with the Device.
3.2 During the warranty period, the Guarantor shall be obliged to provide spare parts covered by the warranty or repair a faulty component free of charge, should such a damage be associated with parts covered by the warranty (cl. 3.4).
3.3 Neither the Buyer nor any third parties shall be entitled to submit a claim against the Guarantor for compensation for any damage resulting from Device failure under the warranty. The sole obligation of the Guarantor under this warranty shall be supplying spare parts or repairing the device.
3.4 The Guarantor shall be liable to the Buyer solely for technical and technological defects of individual elements or groups of subassemblies embedded within a sold Device. The warranty shall not cover Device malfunctions or damage resulting from external factors, such as:
    - improper operation, inconsistent with the intended use of the Device,
    - operational – associated with normal mechanical or electrical wear,
    - failure to observe the recommendations of the Device operating and maintenance manual,
    - caused by foreign objects that penetrated into the Device,
    - mechanical – caused by an external force (e.g., forceful tearing out),
    - thermal and chemical,
    - overvoltage – in the case of welding on the machine (after acceptance),
    - resulting from modifications and structural changes not authorized by the manufacturer,
    - the use of inappropriate consumables,
    - resulting from random events, factors bearing the trademarks of force majeure (fire, flood, atmospheric discharge, etc.),
    - faulty operation of other systems (e.g., electrical, heating, etc.) and/or other devices impacting the operation of the Device (e.g., inverters, relays, humidifiers, coolers, heaters, etc.).- “Device”
3.5. Seals and specified wear-and-tear parts shall not be subject to the warranty.
3.6 The Warranty does not cover a Device that, based on submitted documents and rated specifications of the product cannot be identified as the Device purchased from the Guarantor and/or Device without the Guarantor’s rating plate.
3.7 The Warranty shall also cover the specified subassemblies of the device repaired outside of the warranty period. The warranty period related to a given element shall be extended to 12 months in such a case.


4.1 The Buyer loses the rights under the warranty for the Device in the case of identifying:
    - any Device modifications,
    - unauthorized persons tampering with the Device,
    - any attempts at repairing the Device made by unauthorized persons,
    - failure to observe the duty to conduct periodic maintenance inspections, if required.


5.1 The basis for accepting a claim for processing is meeting the following conditions jointly:
    - written claim notification (or potentially via e-mail) by the Buyer, which includes the name of the Device, serial number, purchase date, detailed damage description together with additional information on the origin of Device faults and data on the parameters of applied consumables, as well as photographic documentation,
    - presenting an original invoice or acceptance Protocol regarding the claimed Device at the request of the Guarantor, if there is an issue with determining the date of Device commissioning,
    - providing access to the installation site of the Device in Poland, at every request of the Guarantor,
    - covering all costs related with travel, transporting materials necessary to repair the Device, accommodation, stay, visas, “plant entry” procedures, if the Device is resold, rented (broadly understood, e.g., rental, leasing, etc.) or used in branches outside Poland.
5.2 Defects or damage to the Device identified within the warranty period shall be immediately reported to the Guarantor, however, not later than within 7 days from identification.
5.3 The Guarantor undertakes to respond to such a notification within 12 hours from reporting the defect (excluding days off). A response does not mean fault removal but only commencing actions at such removal. The repair procedure after reporting a defect is as follows:
    - first form of contact is phone support in order to determine the extent and nature of the defect,
    - in the case of a failure of a replaceable component, such as a seal, it is allowed for the Guarantor to send a new consumable,
    - if a replacement with a new consumable is impossible, and the phone consultation was unsuccessful, a service technician shall arrive not later than within 2 to 5 working days from the notification.
5.4 In the event of an abnormal or a custom-made Device, especially a Device with specific parameters or properties, the repair of which requires specialist spare parts, the Guarantor reserves the right to extend the warranty service period by the time required to import and/or manufacture the aforementioned parts.
5.5 The warranty procedure covers only products that are complete, suitable for service verification, free from defects and mechanical damage resulting from external factors.
5.6 In the event of an unjustified service notification, the Buyer will be charged with servicing costs, in accordance with the Guarantor’s service price list.
5.7 In the event of servicing the Device at its installation site, the Buyer shall be obliged to ensure free access to the Device and enable the Guarantor to safely implement the service procedure, in line with all OHS regulations, as well as appropriate technical capabilities (access to power sources, emergency switches, etc.). Otherwise, the service technician has the right to refuse service activities.
5.8 The Guarantor arrives at the Client’s to repair the device. A claimed devices shall be adequately prepared for the repair, e.g., emptied and washed.
5.9 The Guarantor, in consultation with the Buyer, shall agree the validity of the warranty claim and selected manner of processing recognized warranty claims.
5.10 The Guarantor reserves the right to conduct a visit at the installation site of the claimed Device. The cost of travel to the Client in order to conduct a site visit shall be incurred by the Guarantor.
5.11 In the event of repairing a Device, the warranty duration shall be extended by the period of Device failure.
5.12 These GWT excluded the Guarantor’s liability under the statutory warranty for material defects, however, this exclusion does not apply to Buyers that are Consumers within the meaning of the Civil Code.
5.13 The provisions of the Civil Code shall apply to issues not governed by these Terms.

GWT updated on 15/4/2024.